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The New Direction Performing Arts Academy strives to change the direction of children's lives through the arts. Children will not only learn how to use their artistic gifts, but they will build confidence, become articulate, develop work ethic, and learn how to thrive in a creative environment; Lessons from art that children can carry into life.


The New Direction Performing Arts Academy doesn't teach children to be stars. . . we show them they ARE stars.

A Message from the Executive Director



The New Direction Performing Arts Academy (NDPAA) was created with the idea of bringing the arts to schools and communities who are lacking the programming and express a need to keep the arts in their students’ lives.  The outreach program is an integral part of the foundation of NDPAA. Outreaching to the community will create awareness in the arts.  All students who partake in our programming will have a much needed creative outlet and learn valuable tools that will help them become better communicators, team players and more well-rounded individuals as they grow into their futures. NDPAA strives to give children theatrical opportunities all while giving children the support they need to find a direction and purpose in their lives through the arts.​


This organization is DIFFERENT because it's not about making your children stars. It's about helping your children find their niche in life and become a better person because YOU--as a parent or teacher--gave your children or students the opportunity and gift of theatrical enrichment. NDPPA and its teaching artists have outreached to over 30,000 students over the course of the last 10 years through theatrical ensembles, classes, and workshops throughout northeastern Ohio. The experiences and the knowledge we all have gained has motivated me to want MORE for your children and community. I want to create MORE opportunities, classes, productions, and workshops for your children and keep the momentum going strong. Then, as your young artist continues to grow, they can inspire others and pass on the passion going whichever direction they choose.


Keeping the arts alive in our communities is so important... NDPAA can and will help continue to make this happen as we strive to change the direction of children's lives through the arts.



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